We are always searching for new work! If you are an interested playwright, or an artist with a concept that you think we'd be into, drop us a line. We love submissions.

Here's the lowdown:

Pandemic Collective produces horror only. What is horror to Pandemic, you ask?

Horror is what keeps you up at night. It can be gore, it can be a masked man with a chainsaw chasing you through an open field.

Horror can be the midnight hour, the clock tolling in an empty room. It can be loneliness. The monster in the closet. The next great contagion. Silent screaming.

Horror is subjective. Our fears are like fingerprints. Unique identifiers not quite like anyone else's. That's what we love about it.

But give us horror, whatever that means to you. 

We love submissions that are between 50 to 80 pages. Think streamlined.

Also, think on this: Pandemic utilizes artists outside of the theatre medium for every production we do. DJ's, live musicians, comic book illustrators, sand artists. If your work can factor another medium in, or if you have any ideas, that would make us over-the-moon excited.

Email your submissions,(or any questions you have,) to pandemic@pandemiccollective.org. No need to format in a specific way, we buck tradition. Just let us know in your email how we can get in touch with you, and we will.

Play Submissions