When five high school students decide to visit a supposedly haunted house on Halloween night, they have no idea what to expect. The fact that they’re all stereotypes and will make all of the token morally reprehensible choices that teenagers make when they’re in a haunted house only add to the intrigue. Hasn’t it always been a drag to know exactly how this story ends? Or do you? In this horror play, the audience decided what happened next, not the characters. Did they split up or stay together? Did they investigate the scratching noise behind the door, or did they explore the faint sounds of screaming in the basement? Every night, this story was completely different, penned by the depraved mind of award-winning screenwriter Jerrod Brito and directed by Rhea Amos.

October 2015

Choose Your Own Horror Adventure

A non-profit 501 (c)(3) horror theatre company in denver for the infected