Pandemic Collective is ecstatic to announce auditions for our next play, Yūrei.

Derived in Kabuki style and horror Manga,
Yūrei is based on the Japanese mythology behind “Tomino’s Hell”, a deadly poem whose words must never be spoken aloud. When newlywed Amira discovers a piece of parchment in a mirror gifted to her by a stranger, a malevolent spirit from the past begins to haunt her. Yūrei, a terrifying play about revenge from beyond the grave and the people who torment us long after they are gone, is perfect for devotees of classic nightmare-inducing horror. Yūrei is a world-premiere horror play written by Pandemic Collective’s Artistic Director Rhea Amos and directed by Alexander Evert.

Pandemic Collective is a horror theatre company dedicated to infecting the masses through horror theatre. By engaging artists and audiences across all mediums, we seek to collaborate as a cultural force to rouse outrage and fear in hope of social change. Pandemic Collective utilizes artists outside of the conventional performing arts medium (i.e. graphic designers, photographers, sculptors, pick your poison,) combining our diverse artistic influences to create unique horror theatre pieces that are highly infectious and compelling.

We are seeking Asian American actors for the following role:

Eika - 20's - 30's, a bride tormented by haunting visions

Yo - 20’s - 30’s, Eika’s groom, a charming man with a cruel streak

Rehearsals will begin in  mid-March, and performances will be on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from April the 5th to the 7th at Spectra Art Space in Denver. 
To be considered, please email us a copy of your headshot and resume to We will be scheduling times to meet with interested actors for cold reads from the script. All roles are paid, and we are seeking to collaborate with driven artists that are passionate about horror and developing new work as part of an open and brave collective. If you have any questions, or if you would like a copy of the script, do drop us a line at Spread the contagion with us!